Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome to The Coin Jar!

You probably have a coin jar somewhere--on your bedroom dresser maybe, or in your kitchen. As loose change builds up each in your pocket or purse each day, you drop the assorted pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters into the jar until it gradually fills up.

When you dump the contents out and count them, you probably get a surprise. Those small bits of change have actually accumulated into something bigger--maybe even much bigger. Enough money for you, or you and your significant other, to have a really nice dinner, perhaps. Or pay for Christmas gifts without a credit card. Or start saving for your child's education.

That's the idea behind this blog. Except instead of accumulating coins, we're accumulating ideas. Little ideas about earning, saving, and spending money that can really add up into something bigger: things like more financial freedom and less financial stress. Ultimately, a little better financial life for you, and your family.

So stop by regularly to see what's in The Jar. I'll make new posts on Mondays and Thursdays, and of course, you can always make your own "deposit" by adding a comment. If you have a question on your own financial obstacles, feel free to send an email to, and I'll do my best to provide some guidance. (Note: My full-time job precludes me from giving any investment advice or guidance.) -CJ

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Brad said...

Good luck on your new journaling adventure here.

My job also keeps me from advising as well, but I'll comment as time passes.