Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good personal finance advice for your ears

I love my iPod. Listening to podcasts of radio shows from Dave Ramsey, Crown Financial Ministries, and Charles Stanley make my hour-long commute to and from work an education rather than just a grind. (In fact, I rarely listen to music.)

I'm going to add another show to my podcast favorites: "The Color of Money" from National Public Radio (NPR). It airs every week on NPR's "Day to Day" show. Michelle Singletary, the personal finance columnist for the Washington Post, is the primary contributor. The segment covers the usual range of topics, from saving for retirement, college, etc. to tips on starting a business.

Maybe the best part about it: It's informative and short, about four minutes long. Plus, with the podcast, no endless NPR fundraising segments to sit through in the fall and spring.

A Penny Saved hosts Carnival
The list of submissions to the weekly Carnival of Personal Finance seems to get longer and longer. This week's carnival is at A Penny Saved, and since there are so many choices, here are a few from the bottom of the list you otherwise may not have seen:


DEBTective said...

Thanks for spreading the word about living on a budget and Dave Ramsey. Here's looking at you, kid. Way to go on the dough!

Jimbo said...

I'll check out the podcasts you mentioned.

I also like Marketplace Money on public radio.

Here's a link:

And to the podcast:

Jimbo's consumer experience

My Financial Journey said...

Thanks for the mention

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