Monday, December 11, 2006

Not too early to think of 2007 personal finance goals

2006 is almost in the books. So what are your personal finance goals for 2007?

More than one-third (37%) of American workers said they plan to pay off credit card debt next year, and a third plan to put a set amount of money into savings each month. That's according to latest Principal Financial Well-Being Index, a survey of U.S. working adults at businesses with 10 to 1,000 employees and sponsored by the Principal Financial Group®.

Those are great goals to have. Add to those starting an emergency cash reserve, or increasing your reserve amount to six months of living expenses. Or keeping better track of how you spend your money. Or making sure you and your family have enough life insurance.

For my wife M and me, I'd like to see us get better at setting and living within our monthly cash budget. We did great our first month in October, but weren't as disciplined in November and through this month so far. Next year, I'd like to shoot to stay within our monthly budget for at least six consecutive months.

I also want to finalize our wills. This was a 2006 goal that I set just a few weeks ago , and I made a good start using my company's online estate planning document service. But I ran into a couple snags, so completing it will have to wait a little longer (sorry, M my sweet!).

Two other big objectives: Paying off the last of our student loans and a personal loan we took when we had CJ Jr. If we reach those goals--a good possibility--then we could start up our kids' college savings contributions again and making extra payments on the mortgage--two things we cut back on when we went to one income last June.

Last, but not least: Buying a highly used but reliable van (with cash, of course). This goal is heavily dependent on whether our family size shows signs of increasing in the next couple months, Lord willing.

Yes, I should have plenty of personal finance experiences to blog about in 2007.

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Donna Jean said...

I'm also brainstorming goals for 2007 this month. My december goals include the steps needed to outline those goals. Goals help me ensure that all my spending, savings, and monthly goals are congruent with my annual plan. Next, maybe I'll start working on a three year plan.