Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Carnival of Personal Finance offers good reading

The Carnival of Personal Finance for the week is up at Funny-about-Money. A few favorites related to behavior and money:

Financial lessons learned from my younger self at Monogamoney.
Why I never budget (though he does in a way) at Bret Frolich.com
Biggest financial lesson learned from the bear market at personalfinancestartup.com.

Check 'em out!


janice said...

Thought you might enjoy hearing about the "coin jar" your grandmother had, beginning in the 50's. When we got our first TV, she began saving loose change in a cup that she kept on the back of the TV. Since TV was a new commodity and not perfected, many a time we had to call a service repairman to fix or adjust it, which could be quite costly. Since our family was not poor, but lower income, this could be a problem. And we didn't want to miss out on this entertainment. So her solution was to let the coins build up to cover any repair expense. She kept this "coin jar" I think until the day she died, even after it was no longer needed.

Mom-Mom, on the other hand, had a "coin drawer", so to speak. Pop-Pop was a breadman for many years and when he came home from work he would put all his change on their bureau. Mom-Mom would then "shovel" a little bit each day into the top drawer. I don't know what she did with the money but it was quite a haul after a while. She advised me to do this too.

Hope you enjoyed hearing these. BAci was quite a saver all her life. Remind me to tell you how much she left when she died even though she lived on a small Social Security check for the 15 years after Dziadzi died. She would be proud of you.

Love ya

Bret said...


Thanks for the link and the comment on my blog.

I wandered around The Coin Jar and you provide quite a public service here. Good financial advice is of benefit to everyone.

Keep it up.



Everybody needs some help with something financial