Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back in the saddle...yet again

Wow...has it been three months since my last post? That's a little shocking. I may have to turn in my blogger license.

Today a former boss mentioned in a large meeting at work that I have a blog, which sparked a lot of questions from co-workers. "What's your blog about?" "Where can I find it?" "YOU have a blog?" (I particularly like the disbelief in that last question.)

Not that I've been hiding it--in fact, I can't hide it; being in the financial services industry, I had to get my employer's approval to start it (don't worry, I have complete control over content). I just haven't done a lot of self-promotion, particularly because I'm now in a department full of financial planners. Not exactly a target market for basic articles on personal finance.

Still, I'm a little ashamed that I've been tagged as a "blogger" yet haven't blogged anything in quite some time. Three months is like three centuries on the Internet.

But I'm now also motivated. Today's meeting re-energized me to start posting again. I hope it can last.


Bret said...


I'm glad that you are back at it.

It's hard to blog consistently through all of the daily needs and distractions.



Sounds ok to me.